There are lots of things you can do with a sock full of holes!  There are at least about 50 ways, but I will only list 10.  So, make sure to take notes because these ideas will be fantastic.  Here are the ideas………………………………..

1. You can make an exceptional comfy scarf.  This scarf would be great for very cold nights!

2. You can make tiny soft shoes for a dog or cat.  It would be super cute and adorable!

3. You can make a sock animal for a child or dog.  It would be great!

4. You can make a little purse.  It would be a great present for a little girl!

5. You can make a furry bracelet with a furry sock.  It would make a good match for an outfit!

6. You can use the thread to make a polishing rag.  It can be quite helpful polishing your shoes and making it sparkly clean!

7. You can knit a headband with the thread!  It would make an awesome homemade fashion headband! ( Boys feel free to ignore this! LOL )

8. You can make a great cool and stylish phone case.  It can be furry and cool because nothing is better than doing it yourself! 


9. You can make make a great brush or ice pad in case of injuries.  This can help especially you can make it as a heat pad!

And finally 10. You can make a  SPECTACULAR sock puppet!  It is great for fun and entertainment for children!


I hope you LOVED the ideas!  Now, in the comment section tell me your ideas!


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