Uranus and Neptune: Similarities and Differences

Do you know the differences and similarities between Uranus and Neptune? That is a question some kids don’t have an answer to. To tell the truth there are lots of differences and similarities between the both of them! There are big differences and similarities and there are small differences and similarities.


Uranus and Neptune have abounding similarities! Consistanly , Neptune and Uranus both are a shade of blue- green colored planets. They both have gas in there cloudy atmosphere which creates the color of the planets. They both have a weird and off centered magnetic field which gives them strength. Both are outer planets because both, are part of the four outer planets and they are both farthest away from the sun! They also both have rings that people think aren’t visible! They are also both a name of Greek gods! The name of Uranus is Ouranos and Neptune’s is the famous Poseidon!


Additionally, there are also some captivating differences between the two planets. Uranus has at least twenty seven moons, but Neptune has at least 13 moons which means Uranus has more moons. Uranus has a diameter of 51,118 kilometers, but Neptune’s diameter is only 49,528 kilometers. Uranus has rings that are facing upward, but Neptune’s rings. Uranus was discovered first, on March 13, 1781, but Neptune has been discovered on September 23, 1846!


  So as you see, there are many similarities and differences between the two planets and they are also very interesting too! Do you know anymore similarities and differences?


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