Today, I will talk about 5 facts about dinosaurs that I learned at my field trip!  My class and I went to Field Station Dinosaurs!  Come on, explore with me!

      First Fact: Do you know the name of dinosaur poop?  Well, the name of it is coprolite!  I know it is gross!  Well, coprolite is a scientific name for dinosaur poop and looks very disturbing!  The girl at Field Station Dinosaurs was actually holding coprolite, but it hardened already so it's ok!  So, if anyone wants to ask you " Do you want to touch some coprolite?", you now know what it is!

Photo Credit To The Picture On The Top:
Photo Credit: Chee Chin via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Chee Chin via Compfight cc
The second fact is there are 5 different types of eaters.  The carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, piscivore, and insectivore.  The carnivore ate meat like the T- Rex!  The most vicious dinosaur anyone ever knew.  The omnivore was an animal or dinosaur who ate meat and plants so it was dangerous too!  The herbivore was an animal who ate plants.  An example of an herbivore is the Spinosaurus!  The piscivore is a dinosaur who ate fish.  An example of a dinosaur is the Baryonyx.  The last one is the insectivore.  The most ghastly eater ever!  Dinosaurs eating insects?  Gross!  An example of an insectivore is the archaeopteryx!
The third fact is that dinosaurs lived 56 million years ago.  They are pretty old!  Can you imagine 56 million years ago.  No one knows why the dinosaurs died.  Some theories are volcanoes, meteors, fire or ash hit and plenty other theories, but no one know the exact death of the dinosaurs?
Fourth Fact: Do you know the biggest dinosaur and the smallest dinosaur ever?  Well, the biggest dinosaur is the Argentinosaurus.  It was an herbivore.  Another one has been discovered which is the Brachiosaurus, but some people think it is not real and it was a make up.  The Argentinosaurus was 130 feet long and was 110 tons!  Can you believe it?  Now, the smallest one was the Micropachycephalosaurus.  I know, it is long to pronounce.  Well, this creature was 2 feet long and 5-10 pounds.  That is kind of less than a big baby!  No one knows if their are even smaller dinosaurs than that, so there are more exploring to do!

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Photo Credit: www78 via Compfight cc
 The Fifth Fact:  Did you know that a group of scientists have the ability to bring back dinosaurs?  Look at yourself in the mirror right now and I know your reaction.  I know that dinosaurs are not real right now, but in the future they will.  Scientists finally found DNA of a dinosaur in a mosquito stuck in tree sap that lasted 25 MILLION years!  Scientists can't do it now, but maybe in the next 50-100 years when the scientists make the right equipment they may make dinosaurs come alive.  Imagine life 50 years from now!  The Earth may be destroyed!

Do you know more facts about dinosaurs? 

Do you think they will come alive one day? 

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