On June 6 we went to Liberty Science Center.  It was amazing!  We learned many different things that you may enjoy!  So continue reading!
First, we learned about different diseases in a fake subway train in Liberty Science Center.  We learned about Pneumonia, HIV, Tuberculosis, and Influenza.  It told us many sad stories about a mom who had a son to breast feed, but she didn't want to because she didn't want her son to get HIV because she had it.  Can you imagine people having these diseases and the challenges they had?

Secondly, we went to do an exciting experiment.  We were basically testing if someone's fever was positive or negative.  Which means positive is bad and negative is good, basically.  We didn't actually test real people, we tested certain beads and put these liquid substances inside a tray that divided positive and negative liquids.  Finally, we figured out the positive and negative, but I cannot say!  Now, I have learned how they know if someone is sick or not.

Finally, we watched a short fantasy movie about 2 turtles who had to escape from a tank.  The meaning of the story was people should not take or trap an animal because that can make it injured and stop making the environment clean.  The worst thing is people don't even take care of them correctly.  Like for example pollution.  Pollution can damage waters or the ocean.  Fish die and other animals die too.  Do you want that?
Photo Credit: Luca5 via Compfight cc
So as you see, their are many fun places that you can go to that can be educational!  So visit Liberty Science Center and you will really enjoy!

Have you ever been to an exciting educational place? Where have you been?  Have you ever done experiments? 

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