When is your Spring Break?  Well there are many things you can do!  Personally I love Easter and it is super fun, but I will tell you about what I will do in SPRING BREAK!

1. First of all, I will go to Liberty Science Center and take pictures of excellent and extraordinary animals.

2. Then, I will go out bowling with my brother and dad.

3. After that, I will go to Bayonne Park and ride my bike.

4. I am going to study for my upcoming tests and  quizzes.

5. Finally, I will go to a water park called Coco Key with Juliana and have a blast!

     I hope you liked my plans!  In the comment section please tell me your super spring break plans!
The credit goes to: Photo Credit: inevavae Free LR4 180Presets for first 10 via Compfight cc

04/01/2013 6:50pm

Dear Cayla,

Your Spring picture looks sooo cute!
This is what I am going to do this Spring Break:
1. I may go to an indoor waterpark called Sahara Sam's

2. I will make easter baskets, put candies in it, and give them to my friends.

3. I’m will go bowling with my with my family and with my best friend Cayla.

4. I will have to find time studying for my upcoming test.

5. I will go to Country Village park and ride my bikes with my sister.

Mrs. Vilas
04/03/2013 6:43pm

Great job! I love the picture and how you gave proper credit!

Love, Mrs. Vilas


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