Have you ever noticed how everything is easy for everyone else these days?  As I walked through the halls of my school it was quiet.  No one talked to each other.  Can you imagine a school so quiet and so depressing?  Yet no one knows why.  As the sun came out I wondered why is life so hard?  Being bullied is not that easy.  This is a story that you will not enjoy.   No one knows why life is like this.  This was my life and it is my last chance to change it.  So enjoy your life, for now.

How Did You Feel When You Read This?  Have You Ever Been Through Bullying?  Can you make a well written story out of 100 words?

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Mrs. Vilas
05/29/2013 10:29pm

Did you submit the assignment on http://100wc.net/100wc-201213/week-32/?

Mrs. Vilas

Aamina N
06/05/2013 5:11am

Dear Cayla,
I love your blog, especially your 100 word challenge! What a great piece of writing. I think you should wirte a book, I really do! Good luck in writing your OWN book!
Aamina N, 6D

P.S Is your school in England?


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