My Life as a painter and singer has been a true spotlight in my entire life.  I have been inspired to do many things that I have never thought I could do.  I thought of wonderful talents that I would like to share with you!  I hope you would fully understand after you have read this!  As a singer I have had my difficulties, but that has never stopped me because I tried and tried and tried.  I have been inspired to sing because of all these singers that soon became famous.  I have thought of singing as an entertainment to myself and others.  I sang since I was 5 because my mom used to sing this song to me and I just got so used to it that I remembered it and finally sang it.  The song was kind of like a lullaby because she sang it in sweet harmony.  I am a really big fan on jazz, classic, and fun happy songs and also the sweet sound of the piano because that’s just who I am.  I sing every time  I hear a song because that just pumps me up. So, now you know my singing life!
 Finally as a painter I have fought many challenges.  I think painting gives me a chance to express my feelings but, soon my paintings will be more than good.  My dream is to have my painting in the finest museums in history!  I wish that my paintings will be as famous as the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.  There are many people that say I should go to art class and I think I should.  I think art class will give myself a chance to learn new strategies in painting.  My art teacher (Mrs.Spadola) tells me whenever I mess up, that’s fine because that’s the point of painting.  You see famous paintings around the world, but you don’t realize that nobody’s perfect because everybody makes mistakes once in a while.  So keep dreaming and follow your dreams!  So, now you know my other dream career.

     Now you know my life as a painter and singer, so in the comment section tell me your life or dream career!


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