I am thankful for lots of things, but here are the top 10 which are under a dollar..... So enjoy!
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I am thankful for paper!  I am thankful for paper because you get to draw and write things when you are bored.  Also paper is important to me because I get to draw interesting things that can make me smile and feel happy!

 I am thankful for pencils and pens!  I am thankful for pencils and pens because they help me write the things I want and they help me write on tests.  They also help me draw pictures!
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I am thankful for yummy candy!  YUM!  I love candy because it tastes great!  Don't you like the sweet taste of chocolate hershey kisses!  Like the cookies and cream chocolate bar!  Oooh yummy!

     I am thankful for felt!  I am thankful for felt because I can make cute hair bows and make cute things for my hair and also for projects!

 I am thankful for hand sanitizer and soap!  I love those things because they help keep my hands clean!  I like sanitizer because some sanitizers smell awesome like Paris Amour and Cherry Blossom!

     I am thankful for drinks.  I am thankful for drinks because sometimes it gets very very hot and I need something to cool me off!  Like a cold orange juice at the 99 cents store!

     I am thankful for magazines!  I like magazines because they give me ideas of what to write on like a newspaper!  The newspaper articles are pretty cool sometimes!
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 I am thankful for dollar frames!  I like dollar picture frames because I love to put memorable pictures of happy times in my life!

     I am thankful for paint!  I love paint because paint gives me a chance to paint things that I love like flowers plus painting is my hobby!

     I am thankful for this the most are table cloths!  I am thankful for table cloths because they make your table look neat and well organized!  I only like the ones with good designs!

     Now you know the things that are valuable to me!  My family is first though!  Comment down below on what you think!  Bye....

05/21/2013 10:03pm

Dear CaylaJoy
There are lot's of things in your post that would be very handy to get under $4! I have to say those chocolate Hershey kisses sound very nice! Did you know you can get really cool knitting and sewing stuff in Wesport at the $2 Shop?
Once again wonderful post on your 10 favorite things you can get for $10.
Bye From your blogging buddy Catherine


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