I am going to tell you 8 questions about my blog!  So Enjoy...

1. How many blog posts did you make in Kidblog and Weebly?  I have done 21 posts in Kidblog and 12 on weebly!
2.  How many were school based?  All six assigned by Mrs. Vilas is what I did!  Which challenge do you like from Miss W.?  I like the Favourites because I felt that I expressed my personality there!

3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, or overseas students?  I recieved 48 comments on kidblog and  8 on weebly!

4.  Which post received the most comments?  Why do you think that post got the most comments?  10 People I Would Love To Meet Are... and What 10 Things Would You Do With a Sock Full Of Holes!  Those posts got the most I think because those are maybe what interests kids these days!

5.  Which post did you enjoy writing about the most and why?  I enjoyed writing was " Do You Know The Ten Things I am Thankful For That Is Under A Dollar?" because it was really creative and was really a challenge!

6.  Did you change your blog theme at all and why? (on kidblog)  No, not really because the theme I chose is the one I really like and I don't want to change it!

7. How many widgets do you have on weebly?  Do you think this is too much or not enough?  I have 9 widgets on my weebly!  It is just right because I feel those widgets are needed and are very useful and my blog looks more professional!

8. How many overseas students do you have on your blog roll?  I have 11 overseas students on my blog roll!

        My Teacher, Student, and Parent Audit

Student- Dayanara
Notes I took- Kidblog: Making normal reactions, making funny looks, looks like she is impressed!  Maybe?  She thinks I write with emotion.  She is smiling and chuckling, looks normal, making very good reactions and she thinks I write lots of detail, looks interested, is smiling a lot!  Thinks I have interesting topics!  Keeps smiling!!  Weebly: She looks happy.  Reading...  Reading the sidebar normally.  Scanning in a calm manner.  Now  FINISHED!

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?
Kidblog: She liked how I wrote with emotion.  She thought before reading that the blog would be good already.  She thought I would have great topics. Weebly:  She liked the pictures and the font.  She likes the font because it blends well,  with the background and my handwriting.

2. What captured your attention? 
 Kidblog: The rainbow lettering caught her attention.  She also visualizes herself in the blog post I make!  Weebly: She likes the Author part on the sidebar because some people lie about who inspired them.  She also likes the cute and yummy pictures!

3. What distracted you on the blog?
Kidblog:  She got distracted with the big and small lettering.  She also got bored seeing the same colored lettering on some blog posts.
Weebly:  The font color is too light and put citation of pictures a little bigger.  Also put different colored fonts.

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?  Kidblog: Try to catch people's attention.  Write more about other events not always about happiness.  Weebly: Put another virtual pet.  Put an avatar!  Also put more widgets to make the blog look WOW!  Finish the All About Me page and My blog guidelines!

Teacher- Mrs. Ross
Notes I did: Kidblog:  Scanning the page.  Jumped surprisingly, nodded her head in agreement.  Making nice comments.  Laughing and still surprised.  Looks like she is interested.  Chuckled and looks very surprised again.  Weebly: Reading normally, said ooh, scanning through the blog,
looks like she likes it, laughed, smiling, said very interesting,likes

1.  What were your first impressions?
Kidblog: She thought it was very organized and clean.  Weebly:   Very colorful and looks more professional.

2.  What captured your attention?
Kidblog: Each post was in a different color ink and how I picked great pictures.  Weebly:  She thought the photos on Cayla's Blog were very creative so she thought the posts would be creative too. 

3. What distracted you on the blog?
Kidblog:  Some pictures didn't load and the bullet list did not look right.  Weebly:  Nothing bsically just the format of one paragraph. 

4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Kidblog:  Some blogs were short and make sure to put much more detail.  Make sure to put pictures that work right with the software.
Weebly:  She wanted me to finish the "All About Me" page and the blogging guidelines page.

 Parent- My Dad Joseph
Notes I took-  Kidblog: Just looking, looks interested, just scanning, just looking, looks interested, and is silent.  Weebly:  Just scanning the page, just looking, looks interested.

1.What were your first impressions? 
Kidblog:  It was pretty interesting and the more I read I learned more.
Weebly:  I did pretty good, and the Spring Break Fun schedule I did was great.

2.  What captured your attention?
Kidblog:  The picture of the megalodon's teeth, and how I described Hawaii was good.

Weebly: The Spring Break Fun post caught my attention he said.
3. What distracted you on the blog?
Kidblog:  The picture of one direction.
Weebly:  Nothing really it was pretty good.

4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
Kidblog:  I should be more consisitent with the way I write or make sentences.  Just go straight to the point.

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