Do you know any of the 3 best blogs in the world?  Well, prepare to be amazed!  Here are the nine blog I visited:

Nat L.'s

I only commented on 3 which is:

The first blog you
should visit is
!  She has an amazing blog and sounds like a sweet girl!  I am just going to tell you why you should visit her blog because she
writes very interesting blogs.  She has a pretty amazing them of a piano and
music notes in the background!  All I have to say is you have to visit her blog and you won’t be disappointed because it looks and sounds so amazing when you read it.  So, visit and comment on her awesome blog.

      The second blog you
should visit is
!  She has many many widgets you can enjoy and be entertained with!   She also does like 100 word challenges like Challenge #6  and
interesting ones like
.   She also has a beautiful background and a nice picture at the top!  So please be sure to visit and comment on her blog because she would
really mean it!

     The third blog you should visit is Sophie's Blog!  Her blog is SUPER!  It is cool because she has a cool quiz that tests you on thing you may not know!  Here is the quiz Weird But True?.  Make sure to visit her blog because it is super cool!  Also make sure to comment something good or positive about it! 

     I hoped you enjoyed the three top blogs I think!  So, leave me a comment down below and tell
me what you think!


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