Who do you think I should meet?  There are many actresses, singers, writers, or even musicians! Oh, I’ve got it I would love to meet these 10 people!

1. Jennifer Lawrence   American Actress

How did you feel when you won the grammy awards?


2. Anna Marie Perez de Tagle   American Actress/ Singer

What is your favorite movie you have been in?

3. Laura Marano  America Teen Actress/ Singer

How old were you when you first started acting and singing?

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  Composer

What was your favorite piece to compose?


5. Andrew Russell Garfield  British and American Actor

How was it like to be in the movie The Amazing Spiderman?

6. Michael Bublé  Singer

Was there someone who supported you to sing your incredible songs?

7. Peter Gene Hernandez or Bruno Mars  Singer/ Songwriter

How was your life before you became a famous singer?


8. Chachi Gonzales  Actress/Dancer/Choreographer

Why did you start the dance crew called I.aM.mE?

9. Leonardo da Vinci   Artist

Why did you paint the Mona Lisa?

Last, but not least 10. One Direction  Singing Group

What gave you guys the chance to be on The X-Factor?

Now you know who I want to meet,  Which 10 people would you like to meet?

Student Blogging Challenge
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