Guys, check out my super fun, but educational games!   These games will be sure to make you have a lot of knowledge on every subject!  Maybe!  Just joking!

1. The first game is FunbrainFunbrain is really good for kids in 3rd or 4th grade and it help you with math!

2. The second game is National Geographic gamesNational geographic games is cool because it teaches you helpful info about geography! 

3. The third game is Primary GamesPrimary games is a website with lots of learning about math, science, reading, and social studies!

4. The 4th game is IXLIXL is a websitewith little quizzes that help you from Pre-k to 8th grade!  So have fun!

5.  The 5th game is nobelprize.orgThis is a website where you test blood and all that stuff, but I suggest these are for high schools and in college so do not worry about it!  It also teaches chemistry just to let you know!

6.  The 6th game is Spree.  This can help you with many different subjects including art and writing!  This also can help you with critical thinking questions too!

7. The seventh game is Digital Passport.  This can help you with cyber bullies and how to be safe and not cause any trouble online!

8. The eighth game is VocabularySpellingCity.  This helps you take practice test for spelling and vocabulary for a test!  It also has games like hangman and match the sentences.

9.  The ninth game is Sumdog.  This helps you with math like division and multiplication.  There are many challenges that you can face and very challenging games.

10. The final game is KidsPlayGames.  This helps you with math, vocabulary, art, music, and geography!  The games are also fun because of how much choices of game you can choose from and still you are learning!

     So, I hope you like my suggestions and in the comment box tell me what you think of these games!  Bye..


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